Playboy Playmate, Actress, Author and Emmy winning producer, Devin Devasquez tells all in this intimate memoir.Compelling and extraordinary, this is the story of a girl who came from a poor and disadvantaged background, but who grew into a young lady in a setting most can only dream of.

Devin, like a butterfly, flitted in and out of the lives of some of the most powerful men on the planet as she became the woman she is today.

Candid and brave, Devasquez shares her journey from Playboy Playmate and Star Search winner to ultimately, Emmy award winning producer, wife and mom. And her time as the girlfriend of music icon, Prince.


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The Day It Snowed in April is one of the best and most moving memoirs I have ever read. I found myself up in the wee hours of the morning devouring each page as I could not put this alluring book down. Devin Devasquez reaches deep into her heart and soul to share her love for the guy they call Prince, and her fabulous life in the showbiz spotlight. The author has the rare ability to make you feel you are right there, living her enticing story with her. She takes you with her on her trip from the cover of Playboy to winning Ed McMahon's Model Spokesperson on Star Search to film and award-winning film production, and her life with Prince. Hold on to your hat - it's an exciting and fabulous ride!

Viki Winterton
Founder and CEO, Expert Insights Publishing

I really enjoyed reading this!! It was hard to put down. I felt that I NEEDED to know what happened next. His death was felt around the world and affected all of us. But this book made it so much more personal. I knew what was coming and yet it still felt like a shock of sorts reading about it in her words. My heart broke for her.

Kacie McKelvy
Sweeny, Texas

A wonderful and moving memoir! Devin pours her heart and soul out onto each and every page as she takes us on such an incredily intimate and personal journey. Her braveness amazes me in her ability to be so open and honest about her childhood, and the loves and loss that she’s endured -- especially the special love and friendship she had with Prince. Only Devin could write this book. Bravo, girl!

-- Robin Hutton
Author of the NY Times Bestseller, Sgt. Reckless: America's War Horse.

Devin Devasquez takes readers on an intimate, sensitive and courageous journey into the mysterious world of Playmate stardom and her enthralling relationship with Prince. Though Prince died April 21, 2016, he lives on in The Day it Snowed in April. This book is beyond entertainment--it is a must-read, especially for fearless dreamers. This wonderful book is proof that when a mindset for success engages the heart and the mind dreams really can come through.

-- Cathy L. Greenberg, PhD
"Fearless Leaders: Sharpen Your Focus"; New York Times Best Selling Author, Top Ranked Radio Host and abc TV's First Lady of Happiness.

Devin takes us back to a magical time in our youth with our friend Prince.

-- Wally Safford
Prince's Bodyguard/Dancer Sign o' The Times

I knew I picked a winner when Devin auditioned for me, and I was sure she'd be a star when Prince gave me the rights to use 'Baby I'm a Star' for her spokesmodel video! And she won!

-- Michele Butin
Star Search Producer


Book will be available in print, kindle and audio version February 1, 2017


Photo By Ronn Moss

Devin Devasquez

Miss June 1985 in Playboy, Devin won $100,000 on Star Search as a Spokesmodel in 1986. She has appeared in popular movies and TV shows and authored the books, 'True Age,Timeless Beauty' and 'The Naked Truth About A Pinup Model.'

Devin won two Emmy Awards as producer on the series,'The Bay.' She is happily married to actor/musician Ronn Moss and lives in Southern California with their two daughters.

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